Getting around in Singapore with ride-hailing apps

Consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to ride-hailing apps in Singapore. The biggest is Grab which has a significant market share, after Uber pulled out of Singapore. Besides Grab, there are other ride-hailing apps such as GoJek, Ryde, and TADA. The taxi companies in Singapore also has apps for customers to take their taxis. [...]

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Getting around in Singapore with taxis

The taxis in Singapore do not charge an exorbitant price. They are affordable and offers a convenient mode of transport. The pricing is transparent as taxis operate by meters. There is an initial flag-down fare of $2.80 to $6. After that, there is a distance fare of around $0.22 to $0.30 per kilometre. There is [...]

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Getting around in Singapore with public transport

Singapore is well served with a world-class public transport system. Being a city-state, the small land size makes also makes it convenient to travel around via public transport. Public transport in Singapore refers mainly to the bus and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) subway system. For extra convenience, one can travel via a taxi or book [...]

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Guide to Singlish

Travelling in Singapore, one can instantly picked up the locals speaking a slightly different version of English – Singlish. This is a language that resulted from the multilingual background of Singapore. It is akin to a hybrid English mixed with influence from the other official languages of Singapore - Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. Its vocabulary [...]

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Guide to the official languages in Singapore

Singapore has four official languages – English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil. Among these languages, English is the main business language and it is spoken by the majority of Singaporeans. Singaporeans are taught to be bilingual from the education system. The local schools follow the Ministry of Education curriculum which uses English as the medium of [...]

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Insurance Schemes for local companies in Singapore

Singapore government has introduced several schemes to defray key insurance costs associated with operating a business. These insurance schemes act as a form of risk mitigation measure for the companies. These schemes include: Loan Insurance Scheme (LIS) Political Risk Insurance Scheme (PRIS) Trade Credit Insurance Scheme (TCIS) Loan Insurance Scheme (LIS) The LIS supports companies [...]

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Guide To Singapore Personal Income Tax For Foreigners

According to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, foreigners (Individuals) staying and working in Singapore are required to pay tax. Your tax liability will depend on your tax residency status. Here is a simple guide to Singapore personal income tax for foreigners.   Period Of Stay (Inclusive Of Work) In Singapore Tax Residency Status 183 [...]

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