Singapore is well served with a world-class public transport system. Being a city-state, the small land size makes also makes it convenient to travel around via public transport. Public transport in Singapore refers mainly to the bus and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) subway system. For extra convenience, one can travel via a taxi or book a private car via one of the ride-hailing apps.

The fares are affordable as the Government encourages one to take public transport instead of driving around. Both bus and MRT fares are charged according to the distance traveled, with a minimum charge of $0.83. Visitors to Singapore can use the Singapore Tourist Pass, which offers all-day unlimited travel on MRT and LRT trains, and basic bus services.

The easiest means to pay for the transport fare is via the EZ-Link card which is a stored-value card. It is available at all MRT stations, bus interchange as well as 7-Elevens. Alternatively, you can use a NETS FlashPay Card which operates in the same way as that of an EZ-Link card, but with additional functions such as cash payments in most retail outlets in Singapore.



The MRT is an extensive train network with multiple train lines across the island. The longest train line is the East-West (Green) Line which stretches across 35 stations from Pasir-Ris to Tuas Link. For foreigners getting into town from Changi Airport, you can take the MRT from Changi Airport Station to Tanah Merah Station via the Green Line. From Tanah Merah Station, you have to take the MRT to Raffles Place Station, and change to the Red Line which brings you to the Orchard Station.



The bus network is a vast one that stretches to areas not reached by the MRT network. You can board the bus from a bus-stop which is mostly covered with benches. Within the bus-stop, route information on the bus service number is provided. The bus number representing specific routes will be displayed prominently on each bus. Commuters merely need to wait for the bus number and board it when it arrives.

A useful app to plan your route around the public transport in Singapore is Citymapper, available at the App Store or Google Play. After downloading the app, you need to select the city you are in. Then, you can input your destinations and the app will provide the best route using public transport.