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Applying for the First Time

This is for those who are applying for Singapore PR for the very first time. It is important that you try to get it approved on the very first try as rejection and the appeal process is extremely stressful. You must understand that there are many applications that the relevant authorities will have to go through and it is important that you make your application stand out. There may be multiple applications with the same educational and application profile as you. Hence you will need to try to differentiate yourself from the other applicants. There are recommendations as to how you can make your application stand out. Do speak to our consultants to find out how we can assist you with your application.

Previously Rejected PR Applicant

Do not fret. PR application rejection is common when the applicant did not prepare well for the application. We can do a comprehensive review of the previous PR applications. Bring the rejection letter to us and we can advise and assist in helping to find out what went wrong in the previous applications. From there, we can advise as to how you can improve on your next application.

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We are a licenced employment agency with the Ministry of Manpower and we specialise in work pass visa applications as well as relocation services. We have multiple years of experience with regard to the mentioned services. For all enquiries, do direct them to [email protected]. Our company website is at www.singaporeemploymentagency.com.